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Being a benefits broker in today’s competitive market is not easy.  As the world of benefits and technology continue to merge, your clients will look to you for answers for their complex HR Technology questions.  You have built your business on trust and credibility, but you are not a technology expert and may not be equipped to address these types of concerns.  This ultimately puts your relationship at risk and may cause your book of business to seek alternative advice with another firm.   This is something that your largest competitors have realized and have worked diligently to resolve.  Many large firms have simply purchased HR Technology Consulting firms outright and have aggressively offered these services to their employers.  Other agencies have dedicated departments and in-house personnel that provide these services.  Others have decided to partner with consulting firms that only offer

a few options to the employer resulting in a sub-par consulting experience. 

Regardless of the approach these competitors have decided to take, the common thread is that they all recognize that there is a growing need to offer HR Technology Consulting to their clients and they are aggressively promoting these services.  And more than likely, they are promoting these services to your clients.  In addition, you have to worry about major payroll providers and up and coming HR + Benefits companies threatening your book of business as well.  Seems like whichever way you look, somebody is trying to take your clients.

"Businesses today understand the value of technology and applications

to operate their business and drive productivity, and their sight

is not lost on the role that human capital and employee benefits

management systems play in fueling growth and profitability."

                                                                         Employee Benefit Adviser



At Trinity Advisors, we understand this is a growing challenge that Benefit Brokers face every day and we are here to help.  Our HR Technology consultants can be a dedicated resource for you and your clients.  You know benefits, we know technology.  Together, your client will receive the expert advice they deserve as their loyalty to your firm strengthens.  


Because your reputation is so critical to your continued success, you need a partner that will care for your clients as you do.  There are various consulting agencies that you could partner with, but none of them will invest in your clients or represent your firm like Trinity will.  On average, we invest 4X more time into each project than other agencies.  This investment results in a better consulting experience and a more satisfied customer. 

You may ask, “Why do you invest so much more time into a project than other consulting firms will?”  The answer is quite simple.  Almost every consulting firm that works with brokers is a licensed reseller of specific technologies.  For example, they may resell and / or implement bswift, Plan Source, Employee Navigator, Paychex, Paycom, ADP, Ultimate Software, Oracle, etc.  Because they resell these systems, they try and convince your clients to select one of these vendors.  As such, they are religiously presenting one of these few options to your clients as “the solution for their business”.  How much time do they need to invest when they are ultimately going to present the same 3-4 systems for every project regardless of the employer's specific needs and goals?


Trinity Advisors takes a completely unique approach.  We do not resell any specific systems allowing us to remain completely unbiased and offer a true consulting experience to our customers.  We have access to over 500

technology vendors globally and we work hard to align the best solution with the employer’s long-term objectives.  As you can imagine, this takes time, to be exact, it takes 4X the amount of time other consultants are willing to invest.


Our time investment with your client is just one of the reasons that brokers choose to partner with us.  See some of the other advantages that we offer your firm:


  • Unlimited vendor access. There are a lot of good solutions on the market.  Why limit yourself to just a few?  We have over 25 preferred solutions that we work with regularly.  These are trusted partners with a proven track record.  However, we are always looking for other quality systems to offer our clients.

  • Our consultants have decades of HR Technology Sales & Leadership experience. Because we used to sell these solutions, we can teach your clients how to effectively purchase these complex and costly systems. Most Technology consultants only have experience in Implementation Management or Benefit Administration. This experience is not very useful during a technology selection project.

  • Every employer is unique, therefore, every project is unique. We never approach your customer with a “one-size fits all” mentality. We invest in learning about your client’s short and long-term needs and align those needs with system capabilities and functionality.

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