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With over 500 global HCM Technology providers, which is the best one for your business?


Trinity Advisors is a premier consulting resource for small, medium and large businesses.  Our consultants have decades of HCM Technology experience and help our customers make more informed buying decisions for their business.


Your dedicated Trinity consultant will help you and your team navigate a very complex buying process.  Our proven strategy will ensure that your team saves time, resources and money by streamlining your evaluation and finding the right fit for your business.


With over 500 global HCM technology providers to choose from, your project can quickly become overwhelming.  Trinity Advisors can help narrow the field by aligning your project goals with the vendors’ core capabilities.  This alone will save you months of up front research and ensure that only vetted and viable vendors are being presented.


Your Trinity consultant acts as a buyer advocate for your organization.  It's like adding an experienced, highly qualified team member to your project.  If you are looking to streamline your manual processes, update a legacy platform or build a more sophisticated infrastructure to support your future growth, we can help.  No project is too large or too small for our experienced advisors.  


Below are a few common projects that we support:


Human Capital Management (HCM) Projects

  • All-in-one HCM Technology

  • Core HCM Technology (Payroll / HRIS)

Talent Acquisition

  • Applicant Tracking / Recruitment

  • Onboarding

  • Strategic Planning


Time and Labor Management

  • Labor Tracking

  • Point Attendance Systems

  • PTO / Sick Tracking

  • Piece Work

  • Advanced Scheduling

Reporting - Dashboards & Analytics

  • Predictive KPIs

  • BI Tools

  • Management Interactive Dashboards

  • Data Warehouse


PEO Transitions / Conversions


Benefit Administration

  • Online Benefits Enrollment

  • ACA Tracking / Reporting

  • Enrollment Services

Talent Development

  • Learning and Development

  • Performance and Productivity

  • Succession

  • Compensation Planning


Strategy and Organization

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • AMS (Agent Management System)

  • Millennials in the Workplace

Integration Projects

  • Data Warehousing

  • Carrier Feeds

  • General Ledger

  • Job Boards


Financial & Accounting Software

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