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Human Resource Technology Consulting

Trinity Advisors, Human Resource Technology

As independent HR technology consultants, we are 100% vendor agnostic and work with employee benefit brokers and employers of all sizes and complexities. Our primary goal is to align the right technology solutions with each of the clients that we serve.  Whether your organization is seeking a best-of-breed benefits enrollment solution, workforce management software or an All-in-One Human Capital Management system, our consultants are ready to help you with your next project.



Employee engagement is
the emotional commitment
the employee has to the organization and its goals

Employee Engagement

Making sure that you have an engaged workforce is critical to the success of any organization.  Trinity Advisors will help ensure that you have the right tools in place to drive employee satisfaction and retention for any sized employer.

The rate at which goods and services having exchange
value are brought forth
or produced




Your employees are your company's most valuable asset.  We will help you find the best solutions to maximize employee productivity and improve performance.  Real-time access to performance data could have a significant impact to your bottom line.

Accomplishment of or ability

to accomplish a job with

a minimum expenditure

of time and effort


[ih-fish-uh n-see]


Having the right technology solutions in place can be a huge benefit to any size organization.  The right solutions can streamline manual processes, provide better employee communication and allow your team to reallocate their time to revenue generating activities.

Talent Acquisition, Recruiting

Talent Acquisition

(Recruiting / Onboarding)

Employee Engagement, Benefits, Performance Review

Employee Engagement

(Benefits Admin / Performance)

Learning Management, LMS, Employee Development


(Training / Succession)

Analytics, HR Reporting, Dashboards, KPI

Data Analytics

(Productivity KPI's)

Workforce Management, Time Management, Labor, Payroll

Workforce Management

(Time & Labor / Payroll)

Trinity Advisors, HR technology, hcm technology, technology consulting


(Compensation / Accounting)





Work is Changing
Meet Trinity
Trinity Spokesperson2
HR technology, hcm technology

Our mission....

To provide honest and unbiased consulting
services to our clients in the areas of HR and business technology.  To help companies find the right technology solutions that will allow them to run their business and manage their people more efficiently. 


Our mission will be carried out by building trust with our customers and never compromising our integrity.

Trinity Advisors, HCM Technology Consulting
Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with one of our advisors.

We will review your HCM strategy, goals and requirements and determine if our services make sense for you.

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